The Herbfarm

I am approximately one week away from the anniversary of my birth. Surely a glorious day for my parents. And for me, a reason to celebrate and say “But it’s my BIRTHDAY!”  One of my birthday gifts is dinner at The Herbfarm since I moved to the Northwest in September of 2009, I’ve been hinting, asking, hoping that I’d get to experience a magical evening at The Herbfarm, and now, in celebration of my 27th year, I am!

According to National Geographic, this is the #1 Restaurant Destination in the WORLD.  A 9-course meal paired with 5 or 6 wines is served over the course of four hours.  Prior to our meal, we’ll enjoy a tour of the garden where the Restaurant sources many of the items used to prepare meals at The Herbfarm.  Dinners follow a theme and the theme changes weekly. On the menu for my birthday bonanza: Truffles from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

What struck me the most about this restaurant is that the ingredients used all come from local sources. Not only am I about to experience one of the most incredible dining experiences in the world, but I will also be enjoying local ingredients and benefitting the economy in my backyard.

This is their philosophy:
Freshness is ephemeral, and geography expresses itself in the taste of the food—sometimes subtly and sometimes profoundly. The foods and wines of our region share a similar motherhood of soil and weather, making for happier culinary marriages than those from dissimilar climates. The Herbfarm believes that chefs who cook with local ingredients—season by season, year after year—develop a more complete understanding of the foods than chefs who do not. This understanding can give rise to greater expressions of the food, its preparation, and enjoyment. The Herbfarm believes that supporting local farmers, foragers, cheesemakers, wineries, and fishermen helps preserve local foods.”


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