Rose and Orange Hand Sanitizer

As summer approaches and we are spending more time outdoors playing, sunning, and relaxing, I thought it would be appropriate to share a quick recipe for hand sanitizer. This recipe uses antiseptic, bactericidal oils and Everclear alcohol to make a refreshing and hand-softening hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are easily customizable to include your favorite scents. Play around with the essential oils you enjoy most to create a unique scent for your summer.

Traditionally, this use of essential oils is known as a spirit. A spirit is a blend of essential oils and alcohol; the most common applications are breath sprays or hand sanitizing sprays.

Hand Sanitizer Spirit (Adapted from Crystal Stelzer and Jenny Perez):
1. Add 30ml of Everclear alcohol into a small spray bottle.
2. Add 5 drops of Geranium Rose Essential Oil, 5 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to the bottle. Alternatively, choose two to three Essential Oils you resonate with and adjust ratios accordingly.
3. Cap the spray bottle and shake to mix.
4. Spritz onto your hand and evaluate the scent. Modify as needed.

Mountain Rose Herbsis a great source for high quality essential oils and bulk herbs.


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