Bigger Than my Backyard

Today I participated in the GroupHealth Big Backyard 5k at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. The Big Backyard 5K is in it’s second year and is an annual event aimed to raise money for King County Parks. I’ve run several races in the past, ranging from a 5K to a 13.1 Half Marathon, however this race was unique because dogs were allowed on the course to run with their owners. I jumped on this opportunity, because as you may already know, my pup and I are pretty close. The event ended up raising $55,000 for King County Parks and the money will be used to keep the parks in and around Seattle operational. I visit Marymoor Park almost every week because they have the largest off leash area for dogs on the Eastside and I was excited to be a part of this fund raiser.

I encourage you to get out and involved in your communities. We often forget what goes into making our neighborhoods and surrounding areas as beautiful as they are and it’s always nice to give back. Spring and summer are the perfect time to get moving and participate in a 5K benefit. Running in the USA is a website that lists events by state and is great resource for finding events in your area.


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