Anxiety, Stress, and Pets, Oh My!

Having a healthy, loving relationship with a family pet benefits us in a number of ways (See my post: The Healthy Benefits of Pets). Natural holistic medicine is just as appropriate for our pets as it is for us. Homeopathy is used by Veterinary Doctors to treat conditions like mastitis, anxiety and seizures in animals. Acpuncturists can needle points on large and small animals for a variety of aliments like muscle strains, digestive disorders and arthritis. Even massage has been shown to be effective in decreasing anxiety. One of my favorite treatments for anxiety in my dog is Flower Essences.

Flower essences are believed by some to be the purest form of medicine available. They were discovered in the 20th century by Dr. Edward Bach. These energetic liquid extracts address the physical ailments of disease that are caused by emotional components. Though might sound a bit like magic and not quite like medicine, flower essences really work, and the mechanism of action is pretty interesting. Flower essences use energetic patterns that have a physiologic effect on our bodies; they hold the intention of the sun, the flowers and the person who created the essence within them. Our mental, emotional, and physical beings are fine tuned on a vibrational level. Flower essences are indicated in times high stress or crisis, when you feel blocked emotionally or energetically, in making big decisions or healing injuries. There are 38 original flower essences that are derived from flowers from herbs, trees, and bushes, plus one single non-flower essence, known as rock rose.

Animals are highly responsive to flower essences. I have used a formulation known as Rescue Remedy on my dog to help her when she is feeling anxious or unsettled. I frequently travel to the East coast to visit family and if my pup is traveling in the cabin with me, the only way we survive the flight without excessive whining or barking is Rescue Remedy. With the remedy, Elle will quietly sleep on our 6+ hour flight across the country; it’s truly remarkable.

Rescue Remedy can be added to your pets food or water, and can also be rubbed onto the belly to calm them down. This can be useful if your pet is anxious when you have visitors, has behavioral problems or has separation anxiety.

According to the makers of Rescue Remedy, it is suitable to use on a variety of animals:
– Reptiles
– Fish, in the tank water
– Birds
– Cats
– Dogs
– Horses
– Rabbits

Remember, if your pet has sudden changes in behavior, this could be a sign of a serious medical problem. Please consult your Veterinary Doctor prior to using Rescue Remedy.

Botanical Medicine Notes
Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets


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