Simple Hydration

My pal at Pulse Naturopathy recently posted about enjoying cool and refreshing cucumber water post-run and I was inspired. There’s no better time than June, when most of the country is suffering from excruciating heat, to share some tips for proper hydration!

You might be surprised at how many common health discomforts arise from improper hydration: constipation, headaches, fatigue, hunger and irritability are just a few. Your body loses two to three quarts of fluid daily through elimination processes like urination, defecating, sweating, and sneezing. If you suffer from allergies or any chronic conditions, water is an essential part of detoxing your liver and kidneys, which work extra hard under those conditions. A good measure of whether or not you are properly hydrated is the color and smell of your urine. Dark urine with a strong smell indicates dehydration; straw colored urine with a faint smell is ideal.

If it’s difficult for you to remember to drink water, I recommend carrying a water bottle with you. I personally am surprised by how much more water I drink when it’s so easily accessible. If you prefer flavored beverages to water, infusing your water is a great alternative to sugar filled flavored waters. Infused waters are commonly served at spas for patrons to enjoy pre and post treatment, they are not only hydrating but have the added benefit of the fruit, vegetable or herb used in the infusion. Try these fun ways to spruce up your water!

– Add cucumber slices to water for a cooling and invigorating drink.
– Add orange and lemons slices for a citrus infused beverage, perfect for a mid day pick up.
– Add raspberries and blackberries for a sweet and fruity beverage.
– Add lemon and lime to your water to refresh yourself after a long day.
– Add fresh mint to perk up your senses.
– Add fresh rosemary and thyme to enjoy a zesty beverage.
– Add cubed watermelon and fresh basil for a cooling summer beverage.

Refrigerate water for two to three hours to achieve a nicely infused flavor to your beverage

Experiment with different flavors and to remember to stay hydrated this summer. If you spend extended periods of time in the sun, be sure to increase your water intake!

Pulse Naturopathy
University of Washington, Seattle


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