5 Reasons Social Media is Essential

Social Media seems to take on a variety of meanings, depending on who you speak to. Some people see Twitter and Facebook as a waste of time, a place where people drone on about what they ate for breakfast or who is irritating them at at current moment. Although this is true in some cases, Social Media outlets can also be a place where ideas can be exchanged and knowledge can be shared. Individuals and corporations can build their image using Social Media tools. Blogs are great example of this. Yes, there are those blogs that make you wonder if we should screen people before allowing them to post their opinions for the world to see, but there are also those blogs that are insightful and well written; they give us the opportunity to learn something from a perspective we may not have taken on our own.

5 Reasons Social Media is Essential to Success:

1. Presence
By publishing posts on my blog and holding accounts on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., I am making myself “google-able”. What does this mean? When my future employers or patients search for me on the internet (which they inevitably will do), they will find something. They will find a blog which showcases my interests, they will find a LinkedIn profile that speaks to my professional accomplishments and they will find a Twitter account where I share information that I find to be useful and pertinent.

2. Community
Social Media networks serve another useful purpose: community. My twitter feed allows me to share information that I have acquired through reputable research and news sources. When I choose to Re-Tweet information that someone I am following has shared, I am then sharing that information with my followers and essentially building a community of resources. The organizations I follow on twitter share information that is pertinent to my life and interests. If a person finds me on twitter, and finds that we share similar interests, they have the opportunity to see who I “follow” and create an even larger network of individual with similar interest. The knowledge continues to grow.

3. Knowledge
Social Media outlets are a way for individuals to showcase their knowledge and share information. A blog is the perfect place to share your knowledge or expertise. At the same time, if you are hoping to build a viable reputation, it is important that you are sharing accurate information and labeling opinions as such. It is also important to give credit to your sources and to inform readers of your sources.

4. Range
The number of individuals you can reach via Social Media is innumerable. For example, when I look at my blog stats, I can see where visitors are clicking on links that bring them to my blog. The more I blog, the more visible I am on the internet. The more my message resonants with a crowd, the further the reach of my message. Sharing useful and interesting news is the key to expanding your brand through Social Media.

5. Voice
Physicians are expertly trained in a specialized field, which makes them highly trusted sources of information. Social Media is the perfect outlet. Patients are always going to search the internet and bring information to you, so what if you were the source of that information? What if your colleagues were the ones providing relevant and accurate information to the masses?

This is possible.
Social Media.


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