Yoga and Low Back Pain

Living in Seattle has it’s perks. Great coffee is one. Another is living amongst a group of people that seem more aware of their health, diet and lifestyle.
A recent study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that weekly 75-minute classes and practiced yoga or deep stretching at home for about 20 minutes at a time at least three days a week can ease chronic back pain and improve function; the study took place in Seattle through the Group Health Cooperative.  Earlier studies have touted similar results and the lead investigator, Dr. Karen J. Sherman believes, “the smaller studies which hinted that yoga might be helpful all had problems one way or another. This is a much larger study, and the findings are robust.”
Four out of five Americans suffer from low back pain which equates to over $50 million dollars being spent annually on medications, physical therapy and related costs.  Incorporating yoga into your treatment plan could possibly remove the need for mediations and therapy due to the rehabilitative movements contained in this ancient practice.
I am pleased to see news like this being published in Journals and getting coverage in the New York Times.  Get out there, Yoginis. As if you needed another reason to do yoga.

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