Winter Blues

Winter Storm, 2010

Winter is settling in. The air is crisp and cool. I have a constant urge to be warm (and turn up the heat, against Matt’s wishes!).  I miss my parents and my sisters.  And I’m feeling a little sad about spending my first Christmas away from home.

When I was younger and I’d feel under the weather my mom would make me a special cup of milk. It never really had a name. I’d simply ask, “Mom, can you make me milk?” and in a few minutes I’d have a piping hot cup of it in front of me.  It would melt away all of the things that were making me feel unwell.

To get through winter, I thought I’d share my mom’s recipe.  It’s an Indian tradition that is generally given for a cough or cold. For me, it warms my soul and reminds me of home.  The ingredients are items that are traditionally used in Indian cooking. Ajwain seeds (also known as carom seeds) act as a digestive aid and can also help decrease intestinal pathogens which lead to dysbiosis. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and has a rich history of use in Indian cooking and medicine. A simple Google search would give you more information that you would ever believe. Ghee is clarified butter and it’s purpose in the milk is to coat and soothe the respiratory and digestive tract while you are drinking the tea.  The fat content in the ghee helps to meld together the ingredients and serves as a driver in the formula.

Mala’s Winter Milk:

– Warm 8oz of milk over low heat (substitute rice, soy, coconut or almond milk) and add 1 teaspoon of ghee, a 1/4 teaspoon of powdered turmeric, a pinch of Ajwain (carom) seeds, a pinch of salt and sweeten to taste using honey.
– Heat the milk until warm.
– Sip the milk and take in all of the tastes and smells. This is part of the medicine.



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