Laughter is the Best Medicine

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There are a lot of funny things about being in med school. You talk freely about bodily fluids. You forget that certain conditions are actually embarrassing. You are more curious about smells, textures, etc of said bodily fluids. It gets pretty intense.
In honor of finals, here are a few things about my life that make me laugh at myself and realize how crazy this journey is and how lucky I am to be on it:
  1. You have people over for dinner, someone sneezes and you whip out your otoscope to check out their nasal turbinates (after all, allergic rhinitis is blue, not red).
  2. Someone in New York refers to the Lower East Side (LES) and all you can think of is the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES).
  3. If a friend tells you she feels dizzy, you puzzle over whether she feels like she has orthostatic hypotension or if it’s more like hypoglycemia.
  4. Much to the dismay of others, you freely tote your Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy everywhere – and some how always manage to flip to the illustration of male anatomy (sorry guy at Starbucks…).
  5. You openly discuss the importance of regular bowel movements and colon health in social settings (bars, parties, libraries).
  6. Body fluid requests are not unusual: blood, stool, semen, vaginal swabs. You’ve done it all and asked for it all.
  7. Your roommate/parents/significant other hide when you say you’re having a study group over to avoid a slew of physical exams, orthopedic testing or manipulation.
  8. Your family starts realizing ALL of you friends know about their recent health complaints or conditions.
  9. Boundaries start to blur and you don’t hesitate to check out your classmate’s positive anterior drawer sign or demonstrate your chondromalacia patella for your friends.
  10. You have self diagnosed almost every condition in the Merck Manual.
At the end of it all, I make myself laugh. And we all know laughter is the best medicine.

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