Om Namaha

Today was one of those days.  Nothing felt the way it should despite the beautiful sunshine pouring through my windows.  It was the kind of day that makes you wish you could really just give up control of your life and let someone else deal with all of the tough stuff.

The turmoil of today reminded me of how cleansing a mantra is. A mantra can be a single word, sound or syllable that is repeated with the intention to create transformation. On Wednesday night, I visited the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle for a service on Vedic Hinduism. The visiting speakers were from Bali and they spoke about the mantra “Om Namaha”.

What does it mean? Why do we say it?

Om is a sacred syllable.  In Hinduism, it represents the entire universe; manifest and unmanifest of God.

Namaha when pronounced as Nama-haa suggests an offering of something, letting go of what you are holding onto and saying “this is no longer mine”. The spiritual significance of this word is the releasing or reducing of one’s ego in the presence of another.  When said in a mantra, you are offering your impressions and your feelings; you are freeing yourself of the impact those feelings have on your life.

How often do we allow the actions, words, or intentions of others to cloud our own views or change our egos? Probably more often that we would like to admit. So, today I say “Om Namaha”.  I know tomorrow will be better.


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