Simple Inspiration for Today: The Journey

My Simple Inspiration for today: Where is your journey taking you?

A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another.  Many people associate this word with a physical journey; however we can also take spiritual, mental and emotional journeys.  As you embark on this journey of healing, remember one thing:  Health is not the absence of Illness.  Health is not determined by what condition you do not have; it is a manifestation of how you view the condition of your life, your mind, your spirit and your heart.

Today, remind yourself of goals you have set for yourself in health, and in life.  If you haven’t set a goal yet, think about what you wish to accomplish?  Read your goals.  Revaluate your goals.  Remember that transformation does not take place overnight.  By definition, a transformation is a dramatic and thorough change; it seems impossible for something so complete to occur overnight.

So today, appreciate you and the twists and turns that brought you to where you are. Trust that the upcoming twists and turns are part of the greater journey that will take you to a place of complete transformation.


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