Miel de Turmeric

After a week of cabin fever and some snow fights, my Matt caught a cold. The kind of cold that makes you sniffle, cough and feel like your throat is on fire.

He willingly participated in all of the treatments I considered: wet socks, tinctures, teas. I finally decided a miel was absolutely necessary. A miel is a medicated honey. Honey is soothing, coating, nutritive and antimicrobial; it is an excellent medium for extracting constituents from herbs while incorporating some wax and resins. This makes it ideal to soothe a sore and irritated throat.

I prepared a miel that my mother used to make for me. It’s a simple mixture of honey and turmeric that coats the throat and helps to decrease inflammation. [Learn more about turmeric]

I started with my spice box (of course!) and picked my favorite. I love the golden color of this spice. Nothing reminds me of home like it.

I added one teaspoon of powdered turmeric to one tablespoon of raw, local honey.

I combined the turmeric and honey into a paste.

The unique and slightly bitter taste of the turmeric is helped by the sweetness of the honey. Take small spoonfuls (as tolerable). Allow the mixture to reach the back of your throat so that the honey and turmeric can do their thang.

Here’s to healthier days and [less] snowy nights.


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