Simple Sunday

It’s the eve of my 28th birthday. On a Sunday.

Sunday has always been an interesting day of the week for me. It’s so peaceful. Usually free of schedules and obligations. This Sunday is different. It’s the eve of my birthday.

True, Sunday evening usually brings a sense of sadness, the weekend is ending and the new week is beginning. But this Sunday evening is different. I think highly of birthdays…

In honor of this, I’ve decided to share a few reasons why, despite having a Monday birthday, my birthday week is going to rock:

Wool socks from REI to keep my toes warm. So Seattle, right? I only recently discovered what I was missing out on in the world of wool socks. Perfect for the forecast of rain.

A new coat of paint and sparkles for good measure .

A beautiful, colorful handmade birthday card from my family on the East Coast - So pretty!

An impromptu pre-birthday dinner of Pho and steaming hot jasmine tea.

My yearly birthday coffee blend (Chocolate/Macadamia Nut, French Vanilla and Kona beans). My favorite flavors and enough of my special blend to last through the week.


Happy Birthday, to me!


10 responses to “Simple Sunday

  1. Happy Happy BDay Prag. Miss You very much.Like Dad said you will always be a Baby to us no matter how old you are. Enjoy every moment, moment passed is Past, Live in Present, So some day you can look back and say Hmmm I had a very Good Life.

    • Thanks Mom :) I miss you guys too! I can say that my first 28 years have been amazing thanks to you and Dad. I think the next 28 will be just as good :)

    • Thank you East Coast friend! We will definitely celebrate. Even if it’s a mocktail during Environmental Medicine [or my previously proposed noon ‘chill-out’] :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog hellomistermagpie! What a lovely blog you have. I also turn 28 this year, and similarly discovered how great woolly socks are this winter! :-) Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you! I’m happy I came upon your blog – and currently very excited about making my own laundry soap :)
      I really can’t believe I’ve gone so long without wool socks. It’s almost impossible to take them off. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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