On my way to school this morning, while stopped at a traffic light, I happen to look over at the car next to me. The man driving the car was drinking Coca-Cola. Out of a 2-liter bottle.

For a moment I was surprised. But then I realized I live in a microcosm of the world where people tend to take better care of themselves. Or at the very least, limit the habits that may not be the best for them.

Tips for today:

Simple:  Replace one carbonated soda-eque beverage a day with sparkling water. You can enjoy the bubbles without the corrosive, bad for your teeth, sugar induced effects that come with drinking soda. Sparkling water can be flavored which can help if you preferred a flavored beverage.

Medicine: Gain perspective on how what you put into your mouth affects your entire life. Watch Forks over Knives or Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Remember, both these documentaries feature extreme situations and may not necessarily relate to your whole life; at the same time, they adequately portray food as medicine.

Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Simple/Medicine

  1. Regular H2O works wonderfully for me :) I’m currently trying to eat ‘clean’ and it’s amazing how much better a few changes in my diet has made me feel. Food really matters.

    • I honestly can’t think of anything more refreshing than simple H2O. Want to do a guest post on eating ‘clean’? I’d love to share it!

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