Simple Sunday

Another Sunday. The only difference is that this Sunday is unlike my last Sunday, or even the Sunday before that. I have class. On a Sunday.

My vision of giant waffles and hot coffee, sitting by the window and actually having a day off are gone for this week. Gone. [Not entirely, as I am currently sitting by the window in an auditorium sipping coffee from my thermos. Sadly, the waffles are missing]

Despite my day being stolen away, I am fortunate because I am in a Clinical Theory Class being taught by a well known and respected Naturopath, Dr. Louise Edwards.  She is incredible. This past August I was able to see her receive the prestigious Vis Award from the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She also practices in an unlicensed state (as I plan to) and that makes her even more of a rockstar.

I managed to fill Friday and Saturday with reasons to be excited for the new week ahead. I hope you did too.

My first attempt at homemade sushi - YUM!

Lots of studying, and lots of my favorite lip balm (I have a slight obsession with lip balm)

A new tea infuser to fuel my obsession with tea

An incredibly entertaining dog. I could take her picture all day long.

I refashioned a $1 Goodwill skirt into a fancy new dress - Can't wait to wear it! I think Monday is calling it's name...


8 responses to “Simple Sunday

  1. That dress is amazing..starting the week in a new outfit makes for a good week in my book, total bummer about no Sunday waffles though.

  2. Really cool dress! Do you sew? Did you write this post in class!? What state will you practice in when you graduate! Tons of questions, I know!

    • I do sew, this was written in class and I hope to practice in Florida :) The dress was made from a skirt! Sometimes I start from scratch, other times I like to refashion. One day I’d like to post a tutorial on the dress. It was so easy!

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