Simple Sunday

Another Sunday. The only difference is that this Sunday is unlike my last Sunday, or even the Sunday before that. I have class. On a Sunday.

My vision of giant waffles and hot coffee, sitting by the window and actually having a day off are gone for this week. Gone. [Not entirely, as I am currently sitting by the window in an auditorium sipping coffee from my thermos. Sadly, the waffles are missing]

Despite my day being stolen away, I am fortunate because I am in a Clinical Theory Class being taught by a well known and respected Naturopath, Dr. Louise Edwards.  She is incredible. This past August I was able to see her receive the prestigious Vis Award from the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She also practices in an unlicensed state (as I plan to) and that makes her even more of a rockstar.

I managed to fill Friday and Saturday with reasons to be excited for the new week ahead. I hope you did too.

My first attempt at homemade sushi - YUM!

Lots of studying, and lots of my favorite lip balm (I have a slight obsession with lip balm)

A new tea infuser to fuel my obsession with tea

An incredibly entertaining dog. I could take her picture all day long.

I refashioned a $1 Goodwill skirt into a fancy new dress - Can't wait to wear it! I think Monday is calling it's name...


8 responses to “Simple Sunday

  1. Really cool dress! Do you sew? Did you write this post in class!? What state will you practice in when you graduate! Tons of questions, I know!

    • I do sew, this was written in class and I hope to practice in Florida :) The dress was made from a skirt! Sometimes I start from scratch, other times I like to refashion. One day I’d like to post a tutorial on the dress. It was so easy!

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