5 Beauty Essentials

Lately I’ve been on a soap box about cosmetics and skin care. Mostly because it’s a legitimate concern of mine. There are ingredients in some cosmetics that I wouldn’t want near me, let alone on my skin. 

It doesn’t help that I recently submitted an assignment for Public Health titled, Toxic Cosmetics: Lead in Lipstick or that I’m in an Environmental Medicine class OR that my university is doing research on the toxins excreted from our bodies by sweating. It’s a constant reminder that every pump of hand soap or lotion might be doing more harm than good.

I think I might be living on this soap box for a while.

Five Ways to be Beautiful (and skip the toxins):

1. Olive Oil instead of shaving cream. Olive oil works just a well without any mystery ingredients. See this post for more information

2. Cleansing grains to exfoliate your skin. See this post for more information.

3. Almond oil to moisturize your skin. I infuse my almond oil with calendula flowers and keep it in a handy spray bottle. It’s easier to apply and leaves my skin super soft.

4. Thorne Organics Manuka Therapy skin cream. This super luxurious skin cream is perfect for dry, scaly, or irritated skin. Thorne Research Inc. abides by a strict NO List which means their products are free of many harmful chemicals and strange by products.

5. Drink water! Maybe you don’t count this as a “beauty essential” but it really is. Water is important for clearing the toxins that accumulate in your body and can show up in your skin. In fact, hydration is key to any beauty regime. See this post for more information.

Be beautiful, more naturally.


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