Lately it seems like my life is being pulled in too many directions. This is entirely my fault. I have a tendency to overcommit. To do everything I can, for reasons that aren’t always known to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy the activities that fill my life and the people who I reach out to help. However, the burn out that comes from doing too much is a reminder that I need to slow down. Sometimes it just feels as though I’ve reached the end of my road.

Simple: In relationships, boundaries can sometimes be difficult to establish. This applies to setting your own boundaries and acknowledging when you are mentally or physically unable to give something your all. Sometimes I think we forget to consider that. Remember to allow time for yourself. Everyone needs and deserves some down time.

Medicine: Feeling overwhelmed is a common reaction to taking on too much at once. The Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique is a well known muscle relaxation tool that can help you decompress when your plate feels full and your fuel tank feels empty.


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