Early Days

The sun rarely shines this bright at 6am.

I wasn’t always a morning person. In some ways, I still don’t believe I am. I have the tendency to wake early, often earlier than needed, but I’m not the jump out of bed ready to go kind of girl. I hit the snooze a few times. I relish the two extra minutes I have before I really have to get up and I like to start my day slowly. Being rushed out the door is the worst way to start the day. Though it happens more than I care to admit.

One of my favorite morning practices is a few minutes of yoga. I rarely have time to attend a 60-90 minute yoga class but I’ve found that even a few poses on my living room floor help start my day with a sense of calmness and readiness. My favorite: Classic Sun Salutation.

{click on image for photo credit}

Try to squeeze in 2-3 Sun Salutations while your tea kettle gets hot or your coffee pot brews and start your day on the right foot.


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