Simply Bath Salts [Giveaway!]


As a student, I’m on a budget. And when I say budget, it’s serious. It’s a no pedicure budget. Which was serving me fine until my Sports Medicine professor pulled me to the front of the class [as punishment for being late] to demonstrate the assessment of a sprained ankle. My bare feet were paraded in front of the class. I even had a bandaid on one food [yes, I am still embarrassed about it]. I missed the entire lesson because I was cringing at the sight of my own feet.

Lesson: Don’t be late. Get a pedicure.

The Essentials.

And lucky for me, I just received my Simply Bath Salts in the mail. Perfect for a DIY pedicure!

Simply Bath Salts are made with three components:

Salts:  A blend of three salts including Atlantic Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt. All of which are kosher. The salts can not be certified as “organic” because they are considered a mineral, but Simply Bath Salts uses only the highest quality ingredients including pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt.

Organic essential oils: The oils used in these bath salts are certified organic and 100% pure steam distilled! They provide the fragrance found in the salts, though you can also order unscented bath salts.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Added to the bath salts to help preserve their shelf life. This is a liquid wax created from the simmondsia chinensis plant and adds a touch of natural vitamin E.

A mix of Simply Bath Salts, Rose Petals and Calendula Flowers.

When you order from Simply Bath Salts, your order is created when you order. Which means, the oils are not added to the bath salts until ordered, so it’s custom made just for you! This preserves the scent of the essential oils and ensures you have the most fragrant mix possible.

My DIY Pedicure Essentials include:

  • A tub deep enough to hold enough water
  • Simply Bath Salts, Lavender (my favorite!)
  • A pumice stone to exfoliate
  • Nail file
  • Nail clipper
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Flower petals for some extra pampering
  • My favorite nail polish color
  • An hour to dedicate to myself!

A tea for my toes...Are you surprised?

What are your pampering rituals?

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a customized bag of Simply Sea Salts, in the scent of your choice! The winner will be announced on March 20th, just in time for the first day of Spring!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


3/19/2012: AND THE WINNER IS…SHANNON!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!


23 responses to “Simply Bath Salts [Giveaway!]

  1. I’m commenting on this blog because (as we know) I am a dancer, and as a result have some gross feet. (I can’t wait for spring break to get here so I can paint my toe nails finally!)

    • I’m so bad at this!

      What are my pampering rituals: I put a lot a lot of lotion on and then socks, leave them for a little while, then take them off, clean off my nails with rubbing alcohol and q-tips and paint them!

      • lol you’re getting better at it! I like that ritual, I do the same! I also like to do that for my hands in the winter :)

      • I actually have some cotton ones I got with a lotion once, they’re fantastic. I bet you could find some if you google it :)

  2. I like to fill a tub for my feet with hot water and add Epsom salts, some drops of tea tree oil, lavender, fresh flower petals and also some marbles to roll my feet on. Since having the boys I’ve had less time to actually get out and get pampered so I’ve had to find ways to do it myself at home :)

    • Adding marbles to the bottom of the tub sounds amazing! I will definitely have to try that next time. Thanks for the comment, Janice :)

  3. I am always taking advantage of my feet. Squeeze ’em tight shoes, walk 8 hrs daily on hard wood floors and they still keep me standing tall. End of the day, my dogs are hurting!
    My feet need to take advantage of me, by getting them, a long soaking, soothing, rubbed, look and smell pretty again. Then into their cozy slippers for an 8 hour nap!

  4. My pampering ritual? Usually sitting with a nice cup of tea and a book for 15 minutes each evening. It’s short, but sweet.

  5. Wow, this post is making me realize how neglected my feet are lol. I honestly don’t have any specific rituals except each night after I bathe, I rub shea butter on my feet (as well as the rest of my body). I really should pay them some more attention, especially since sandal season is coming up.

  6. I am so bad at taking care of my feet! I started realizing this last month when I had to rub my feet after several weeks of standing all day. It’s somewhere on my to do list, along with taking more relaxing baths.

    • Thanks for your comment, Shannon! I’m with ya – I have been neglecting my feet this winter. I’m hoping sandal season will encourage me to give myself a pedicure more often. If not sandal season, then perhaps another embarrassing display of my feet in front of my class :)

  7. I love a good sea salt scrub on my feet – during the “off” season….when I’m not training to walk the Breast Cancer 3-Day! Living in San Diego and wearing flip flops all the time tend to put your feet in the spotlight….I agree with “don’t be late – get a pedicure!”

    • Thank you for your comment, Shirley! I think it’s amazing that you are training for the Breast Cancer 3-day. It’s a goal of mine to do the walk once I finish school. Flip flop season year round?! Maybe I should move to San Diego.. :)

  8. Just encountered your blog this morning–love it, seems a great mix of elements of a lifestyle I espouse ;-)

    When I think of “ritual” I think of coffee… brewing… pouring… mixing just the right amount of cream and sugar… savoring the first sips… but is that a pampering ritual? Erm… no?

    So it’s not a ritual, but best pampering is massage! My best friend is a licensed massage therapist, which is fabulous, except we talk and laugh while she works on me, and I’ve yet to fall asleep on her table (as others tend to do). I love paying her, too! (No, really… so much fun giving money to people you love to support them!)

    • I absolutely agree, coffee is my favorite ritual! Coffee and a massage sounds like perfection :) thank you for your comment!

  9. My feet are my life! Really they are. I believe in pampering them on a regular basis. My husband bought me a foot bath because of my obsession. I use it every two weeks or so. I fill it up with hot water, put it on the massage cycle and add my foot salts, and some bath powder. I sink my feet in, while I watch a few episodes of Law and Order – and to me, that is absolute heaven! When Im finished I use my foot lotion and rub my feet and then put them into my moisturizing socks! Hmm…. just writing about it makes me feel like pampering my feet right now!

    • A foot bath sounds amazing! I’m glad to hear you’re regularly pampering your feet, they deserve it! Thank you for your comment!

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