Paper or Plastic?

Plastic containers give me the creeps.

Especially microwaving them. I don’t mind using them for dry snacks, but putting a lunch that needs to be heated up in a plastic container is a big no-no in my world. I once heard a story about how the plastic that ends up in the sea gets eaten by small fish. Some of the fish die from eating plastic, others get eaten by bigger fish, which get eaten by people. So if you’re eating fish, you’re probably eating plastic. If you’re heating up plastic, you’re probably eating it as well. Knowing what plastic is made of…why would you want that in your belly?

An important reminder…

Jars are great way to transport a lunch. Especially since you can save jars from other things [pasta sauce, sauerkraut, pickles etc.], and re-use them. Helping save the environment one glass jar at a time and keeping potentially toxic plastic out of your system.


4 responses to “Paper or Plastic?

    • I think it’s definitely an important thing to consider…knowing what plastic is made of makes me want to give it up all together. I have to work on my slippery fingers though – I can’t tell you how many glass water bottles I’ve broken!

  1. We never microwave in plastic and try to store AS MUCH as we can in glass – my best friend is the mason jar! Love them! Thanks for this Pre!

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