The Higher the Better

I’m talking about heels.

High Heels, specifically.

What girl doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? They make you feel beautiful and glamourous, like you’re a celebrity in the making. Until you start walking, and with each excrutiating step you get more and more awkward. You wobble, your heel slips out of the shoe, you reach for stability on your partner [or the wall] and each time the elevation of your terrain changes, you hate yourself just a little bit more. And then there is the slew of “are you sure you can walk in those?” comments you will inevitably hear.

We can’t forget the ‘breaking in period’ that is graced with blisters, bruised toe nails and bandaids.

But really, what’s not to love?

Beauty is Pain.

This quarter, I’m a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Manipulation 1, which is the first class in a series that teaches us to do proper osseous assessment and manipulation. Manip 1 has a focus on gait assessment and posture, two factors that are not always given enough attention when considering pain in other parts of our bodies.

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They literally hold everything else up. With this in mind, wearing four inch heels doesn’t seem to make much sense.

This is especially important to consider as women age and move into their child bearing years. Pregnancy fills a woman’s body with the hormone Relaxin, which makes many of the ligaments in the body less rigid, in order to aid in childbirth. After childbirth, the laxity of some of those ligaments remains. Poor posture and footwear can increase the possibility of creating painful musculoskeletal problems.

Give the impact of your footwear some thought next time you slip into a pair of shoes. A good foundation is important for your health.


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