Marathon Girl

In 2008, when I ran my first half marathon, I decided two things:

  1. I am absolutely insane for wearing new sneakers to a road race
  2. I would never, ever run a full marathon

Times have changed.

I no longer wear new sneakers for road races.

Up early to run Gasparilla 2009. Awesome picture quality.

After my second half marathon in 2009, I felt great. I didn’t know that I could actually feel good after running 13.1 miles. Moving to Seattle and starting medical school kept me busy for most of 2010 and I skipped out on running any races that year. By September 2010 I had decided it was high time to sign up for my next half marathon. I chose to run the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon in June 2011.

Why this particular race? I’m glad you asked:

  1. It was in June and therefore there was a greater chance of sun and/or warmth in Seattle.
  2. ROCK and ROLL. Need I say more?

Despite the rockin’ bands at every mile marker and the amazing military tribute that brought me to tears somewhere along the halfway mark, this was a less than stellar experience.

It was, in fact, the worse race I have ever run in my life.

If this is what I look like when I run, maybe I shouldn’t be running…

The first six miles were awesome, I was running with ease and I felt good. Then queasiness set in just after mile 6 and by mile 6.5 I threw up. I continued along, running when I could and walking A LOT. By mile 12 I was dehydrated, fatigued and shaky. I didn’t think I would be able to finish. Plus the warmth that I was so desperately hoping for was no where to be found [thanks a lot, Seattle].

I finished. My time was nothing to be proud of. But I made it to the finish line and in my book, that is a win.

This year, my significant other is signed up for and determined to run his very first marathon [read: 26.2 miles]. The Seattle Marathon, to be specific. I am so proud of him! He has already started training and come November, I have no doubt that this race will be one of his best.

Flying past the finish line!

While he was signing up for the marathon, he casually mentioned that an 80 year old man had signed up for the Seattle Marathon as his first race. 80 years old! I was impressed. Why? Well as you can see on my first list, item #2: I would never, ever run a marathon. BF goes on to list lots of other people of varying ages who are running/walking the Seattle Marathon, and lots of facts about how long it takes to walk 26.2 miles.

I’ll cut to the chase.

Guess who signed up to run/walk the Seattle Marathon this November.

This girl.

Let me explain:

Despite my firm stance on never, ever running a marathon, I didn’t consider the possibility of walking a marathon. Most road races have time limits and I didn’t think I could walk a half marathon, let alone complete a full marathon, before a cop car would come by and let me know I am officially the last “runner” left of the course and that the course would be closing [a serious fear of mine, don’t laugh].

Turns out the Seattle Marathon has a time limit of 7 hours for walkers and 6 hours for runners. Plus I get to start a whole hour earlier than those [awesome and] crazy fools running 26.2 miles.

And also, let me not forget to mention, I love walking.

Will I be training? Yes. Can you walk 26.2 miles without training? I suppose it’s possible but I don’t recommend it.

This marks the start of my journey. I’ll be posting my training schedule soon so you can either laugh at me or applaud me. Or, if you’re so inclined, join me.


6 responses to “Marathon Girl

  1. I never thought about walking a marathon. Hmmmmm….when is this Seattle Marathon? Wouldn’t it be cool if we both finished something we said we would never do together?!

    • Yes, ma’am it is the Seattle Marathon! It’s in November, come visit and walk with me!!! That would be amazing!

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