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As promised, here is the training schedule for my marathon. I went with a 22 week schedule, and will officially be starting Monday June 4, 2012 [unofficial start was today, see pictures below!].

I’m excited to begin this journey and continue it for the next 5 1/2 months. It’s certainly a time commitment, but hopefully this schedule will keep me on track!

Easy 1 and Easy 2 are two 45 minute walks.

The Tuesday workouts focuses on speed:

The goal is to improve your ability to maintain target pace.

How: These short but sweet workouts consist of walking as fast as you can maintain for a designated time. Always begin with a 10-minute warm-up and 5-minute cool down.

Weeks 1-5: Start with 10 minutes easy, crank up to a swift pace for 15 minutes (using a high exertion level where you could talk if necessary, but not keep up a sustained conversation), and finish with 5 minutes to cool down, for a 30-minute total.

Weeks 6-11: Increase to 30 minutes of sustained effort after warming up, for a 45-minute total.

Weeks 12-15: Bump up to 45 minutes of high speed, and a 60-minute total.

Weeks 16-18: Drop back to 30-minute walks with just 15 minutes fast.

Week 19-22: Repeat weeks 12 -15.

The Thursday workout focuses on strength:

The Goal is to increase power in your legs; especially important on a hilly course.

How: During a non-stop 60-minute walk insert several bursts of either brisk uphill or extremely fast level walking, or both. Begin and end by walking easily for 10 minutes to warm up and cool down.

Week 1: After you’ve done your 10 minutes of warm-up walking, work a total of 5 minutes worth of intense effort-hard enough to induce heavy breathing-over the course of your walk. For instance, walk with intense effort for 1 minute, rest with moderate walking for another minute or so, then 3 minutes of hard walking. Follow with another minute of moderate effort, followed by 1 minute of intense effort, then back to moderate walking. You can choose exactly how you’d like to break up these 5 minutes of intense effort over the course of your walk. End with 10 minutes of cool down.

Weeks 2-17: Build up your effort by adding one minute of blistering speed each week: 6 minutes in week 2; 7 minutes in week 3; and so on. By week 17, your one-hour walk should include 21 minutes worth of very hard effort sprinkled throughout.

Week 18-21: Repeat weeks 11 -14.

Week 22: Rest up for the big race!

Weekend workouts focus on distance:

The goal is to build endurance, reduce injury risk.

How: Each weekend take progressively longer walks. Occasionally they’re broken into two medium-long walks at a quicker pace: one on Saturday afternoon, the other on Sunday morning. The short recovery time enhances the conditioning effect by giving your body less time to repair and re-energize muscles. Be sure to drink water frequently on any effort over an hour; nibble snacks on the walks over two hours.

I kicked off my race training by running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure today. It was the perfect way to start this journey, not to mention I had a great time representing Team Bastyr with a few girlfriends from school.

We like to have fun!

A race in Seattle isn’t complete without a celebratory post-race coffee…Only in Seattle, folks.

How are you training for your next race?

Training schedule and information adapted from PBS.org, America’s Walking


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