Challenge Accepted!

You might be wondering how my Mostly Raw Foods Challenge is going…

Barney Style: Challenge Accepted!

If not, I’ll tell you anyway.

First – I miss cookies. so. much.

Seriously. SO MUCH.

I also realized I was treating myself with sugar quite often. Like “Oh, I made it through a whole day of class, let me have this cookie!”

Since Tuesday morning I have been having a raw breakfast and lunch, along with a mid morning snack of nuts and dry fruit. I’ve been eating vegan, whole foods for dinner in small plate portions. Overall, I feel fantastic [minus missing out on ice cream social day at school].

I haven’t been hungry. I haven’t been bloated or had a single tummy ache all week.

My week in food, via instagram:

Spinach a la Matt and Pre’s garden

Blueberry.Spinach.Banana Smoothie!

Raw afternoon treat

Grits and Herbed Bella Mushrooms garnished with fresh Spring onion from my garden

I know I made you hungry. Go forth and have a [raw, vegan] snack!


10 responses to “Challenge Accepted!

    • your post had me so inspired! Your grits looked so yummy that I went out and bought my very own! Plus you can’t go wrong with mushrooms! :)

  1. That is the best looking spinach I have ever seen. Congratulations. I envy your garden.

    Also, now I really want to make grits or polenta with mushrooms. Yum!

    • I am so in love with my garden! it’s so nice to have fresh veggies :) I’m totally addicted to grits right now – so yummy!

    • I’ve been wonderful! I finished up my month long mostly raw challenge, and I feel great :) I have kept my sugar intake to a minimum, I have more energy and I eat breakfast everyday (I’m very proud of that one!)..I can’t wait to read up on your travels to Portland! xo

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