Smooth Operator

Smoothies are awesome. Especially when you’re on a Mostly-Raw Diet.

Fill ‘er up!

This last week has been filled with smoothies.







Flax Seed.

Chia Seeds.

This spinach has no idea what is about to happen…

See all those delicious things I listed? They can ALL go into smoothies.

Just like that you’re drinking a nutrition packed, belly filling wonder drink.

Action Shot!

Get your smoothie on with these tried and trusted recipes from my pals [they are seriously smoothie experts, no joke]:

Zingiber Revival: Blueberries + Spinach and a guest appearance by ginger, turmeric and flax.

Hawaiian Mango Magic: A taste of the tropics with Mango + Coconut Milk.

Green Machine: Banana + Spinach with the zing of ginger.

Raspberry Monster: Raspberries + Almonds with a blend of matcha, ginger and turmeric.


All you have to do now is find a sunny spot to enjoy your nutrient packed beverage!


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