Where’s Waldo?

That’s kind of what my life feels like right now.

Where’s Pre?

Only I’m not wearing a red stripped shirt or Hipster glasses.

I’ve been away for far too long and there is so much to share…

First, my baby sister came to visit:

We caught a Seahawks game…

Tasted some beer

Ate a 12 egg omelet

and visited our great neighbors to the North for more beer.

It was a fun filled ten days and I was sad to see her go…

Then I headed to Michigan, to Matt’s cousin’s wedding. An absolutely gorgeous affair.

We danced our pants off and had a little too much fun.

After all of this, we headed to Northern Michigan to spend the week with Matt’s family.

We had just arrived when this happened:

And of course, I said Yes!

It’s hard to commit to not sharing any wedding details here. This is my favorite place to share, after all. But I’ll keep it to a minimum, and promise to only share the little details I can’t bear to keep to myself.

There is one thing I really have to share…How I proposed to my lovely bridesmaids…


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