A Proposal Story


To me, asking one of your best girls to be a bridesmaid is a special thing. It honors your relationship with that person and so much more.  You pick them because you know that they love you, support you and are genuinely rooting for your happiness.

The girls who will be standing beside me have been with me through everything.

And I absolutely adore each one of them.

I knew when it was time for me to propose, it had to be special.

This is how I popped the question:

I started by using a white colored pencil to trace the words “I said Yes” onto a piece of heavy weight water color paper. I used paper specifically made for water colors because any other type of paper would be too thin and would become wavy from the application of water to thin the paint.

I then used watercolors to paint over the tracing. I used a q-tip dipped in clean water to swab over the letters and remove traces of paint to make the letters appear whiter.

I used 9×9 scrapbooking paper to create envelopes for each card. There are tutorials available online to help you with this, but let me know if you would like a more detailed explanation!

On the back of each card, I included a note. I wanted each of my girls to know how special they are to me.

I also made lockets to be included with the note. On the inside of the lockets the girls found this:

To Make the Lockets:

I purchsed my supplies from an Etsy Seller, Discount Charms. The shop has so many choices for lockets, charms, chains, clasps etc. Everything you’ll need!


I purchased:

8 Antique Round Filigree Lockets

12 Antique Bronze Lobster Claw Clasps

15ft Antique Bronze Curb Chain 2mm x 2mm

Jumprings – the ones offered at Discount Charms are quite large. I would suggest getting a mixed bag of varying size jump rings from another store. I found I needed both large and small jumprings.

I also had a supply of beads and crystals from previous projects. I fashioned them into charms by adding them onto Head Pins – which I also already had leftover from a previous project. These are fairly inexpensive and can be picked up at a craft store or on Etsy.


Using wire cutters, select a length of chain appropriate for your locket. Cut.

Using flat nose pliers, I flatted the last chain links on each end of my chain to make it easier to add the clasp and a jumpring.

Once you add the clasp and jump ring, viola! You have a chain!

Add a jump ring to your locket so that it can easily slide onto your chain. If you’re adding any charms, add them onto a jumpring or headpin and then add it to your locket’s jumpring. If you’re using a headpin, you’ll have to use round nose plier to loop the left over end of the pin. This will allow you to add it to the jumpring holding the locket [see image below].

If you choose to add your beads to a jumpring, you can also loop those using your round nose pliers [see image below]

And when they were finished, I wrapped each one up, added an engagement ring charm and slipped them in the mail…

And guess what?

They said YES!


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