What Our Parents Teach Us

Last weekend we were driving down I-90 heading towards a trailhead. As we approached a pedestrian walkway, I saw four girls jumping up and down holding up signs. They were probably between the ages of 7-10, excited and happy, waving to every car that passed by. These were the signs they held:

I was shocked. For many reasons, but primarily because I had the feeling that the intolerance that their actions were expressing had little to do with their own thoughts and much more to do with what their parents were exemplifying at home.

In my opinion, marriage has already been redefined. We now share a bed before we are married, we allow multiple marriages and divorces, we no longer give away our daughters for goats and farmland, we accept interracial marriages. Marriage was redefined long ago.

Although I am not yet a parent, it reminds me of the great responsibility parents have in raising their children. Teaching a child to be respectful of all people, regardless of race, gender, socio economic status and sexual orientation is so important. When we behave as bullies, we create bullies.


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