New Year, New Resolutions

A snow covered Birch Tree

A snow covered Birch Tree

To me, New Year’s Eve is the universe giving everyone one big “do-over.” You get to start anew, and many of us take a step back to reexamine the time that has passed and to consider how we can make our future better.

My problem with the standard “New Year’s Resolution” is that is rarely lasts. We are motivated for maybe the first month of the year and then our old habits return or we just don’t remember why we made the change in the first place, we were happy after all. Weren’t we?

This year, I opted out of my New Year’s Resolution. Yes, there are habits and practices that I could do without, but placing the weight of all that change on one resolution didn’t seem fitting. So instead, this year I have decided that rather than removing things from my life, I would add in the things that nuture me. I would engage in practices that benefit me, relax me, soothe me and heal me. After all, health has many facets, and taking care of oneself isn’t always about what you shouldn’t be doing, it’s very much about what you should be doing.

I encourage you to do what makes you happy this year, and remember that if you don’t feel fulfillment and enjoy the changes you’ve made in light of the New Year, they likely won’t last. Instead shift your perspective; you might be surprised by the benefits that can come from changing our “shouldn’t” to “should.” Happy New Year!

A new year awaits, don't be afraid to open new doors!

A new year awaits, don’t be afraid to open new doors!


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