A Quiet Mind

Lately it has been really hard to write.

When I started this blog, I didn’t think that would happen. I thought there would always be lots to say, especially since I am always learning so much.

My Naturopath gave me a prescription a few months ago. It was a breathing exercise [yes, she really did “prescribe” this!] And even though the directions were given to me in September, I only recently started following them, I really need to work on my compliance. I think the exercise is really calming. In moments when my mind racing and I feel like I could go in a million directions all at once, this little Rx has helped.

Box Breathing and Visualization:

1. Inhale for four seconds, and imagine you are drawing the upward stroke of what will become a box.

2. Hold your breath for four seconds, and imagine you are drawing the first horizontal stroke of your box.

3. Exhale for four seconds as you complete the downward stroke of your box.

4. Hold your breath for another four seconds as you finish your last horizontal stroke.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. [Until your mind clears and a sense of calmness prevails]

Box Breathing Technique

Happy Breathing!


3 responses to “A Quiet Mind

  1. When my grief counsellor told me of this I thought it was bogus or just rolled my eyes. But one time when I was having a panic attack real bad I tried it. It helped a little… still had a huge panic attack that time for multiple reasons.. but other times it has deff helped or detoured one!!

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