The Official End

In February, I traveled to Chicago to jump over the last hurdle medical school could throw at me: Clinical Boards.

After 3 brutal days of testing, away from all of my friends/classmates, in below freezing temperatures, I was done. Not done in the victorious sense, but done in the “I can’t believe this just happened to me” kind of way.

Life, of course, goes on. And as we sit and wait the painful memories start to fade. We start to forget what we’ve just been through.

It’s amazing how light you feel when 4 years of constant GO comes to a gentle stop.


P is for Pass

P is for Pass


Celebratory blooms from my best pal

Celebratory blooms from my best pal

p.s. These days, I’m feeling especially blessed…my wedding is next week!



5 responses to “The Official End

  1. P is for “Pre” who not only Passed but is Pretty in Pink, Precious to many, especially to her Partner for life; who is a Princess to him and who soon may have cravings a Pickle?! I will have Patience for this but an will stay extremely Proud! xo

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