Living Food

It’s Monday.

Monday is my least favorite day of the week. For no reason other than it is the end of the weekend and means I have too many emails to catch up on.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are starting a 7 day cleanse. We’re using it as an opportunity to reboot and refresh for the summer.

Being Monday and the day before a cleanse, I decided to treat myself to my FAVORITE Kombucha: GT’s Lavender No.3.

Kombucha is a fermented tea product that contains enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants; it’s considered a “living food”. It’s been touted to have many health benefits, though there is no real evidence backing these health claims. Kombucha originated in China many, many years ago. It has an effervescent and slightly vinegar like quality to it from the fermentation process. I’m interested in making my own kombucha and flavoring it to my liking (ideally lavender and rose – yum), but first I need to get my hands on a “SCOBY.”


Happy Monday!


3 responses to “Living Food

    • I’m using one from Bioclinic Naturals. It’s called 7 day Reduce XS and it supports healthy liver and colon detoxification. I have used it in the past and really like it. I also worked for the company through school and I think they make really awesome, high quality products.

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