Emerald City Salad


Emerald City Salad is one of my all time favorite Spring/Summer dishes. It comes from PCC Market and is a staple at their deli. If you’re not familiar, PCC is a Natural Food Co-op that supports local farmers and is consumer owned. It’s located in the Seattle area and if you’re interested, you can read about it here.

When I was in school, grabbing a quick lunch at PCC was a regular event. I absolutely LOVE this salad and never grow tired of eating. I love the fresh fennel and lemony garlic dressing.

PCC Emerald City Salad

I decided to make it for dinner last night since it was cleanse approved (no gluten, sugar, or dairy) and because it’s full of liver cleansing greens: kale and chard.  I improvised a bit and used what I had on hand, but I recommend the PCC version because it really is the best. Kale and Chard are easily super foods, Kale and chard are  packed full of Vitamins A, C, and K and lots of calcium while lemons naturally detoxify. Fennel is full of Vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

PCC Emerald City Salad 1

PCC Emerald City Salad

For your next BBQ, skip the potato salad and make this instead.



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